Perhaps the most important thing when considering counselling is to get a feel for whether the counsellor is someone with whom you will feel comfortable. 

Obviously a page of written text and a picture can't tell you a huge amount, but I hope this page gives you at least a feel for who I am. I'm a qualified counsellor trained at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London Bridge. My background before I turned to counselling was in the creative arts and in H.E. teaching. 
I tend to be quite an active counsellor, I will listen deeply but also offer interpretations and observations, ask questions, make connections and sometimes challenge those limiting self stories. I will share theory, philosophy and my own insight where appropriate. I am an experienced meditator and can help you in bringing compassionate attention to your body and feelings and thoughts. I have an intimate understanding of the creative struggle having been an artist and teacher of artists for many years and can offer assistance in working through blocks or finding inspiration.

I have a love and deep respect for the natural world and enjoy travelling to experience and photograph wild places on this planet - for me nature is a great healer and a huge inspiration. On the home page of this website you can see an old Jeffrey Pine growing on what appears to be a slab of solid granite; nature's ability to endure and sustain itself in the toughest of circumstances inspires me. I like to think we as humans may be capable of that level of tenacity, we are, after all (though it often seems hard to believe) an integral part of the natural world.

My approach is informed not only by my Psychosynthesis training but by a longstanding interest and involvement in Eastern psychology and contemplative practice, this influence could be summarised in my belief that all beings possess intrinsic goodness; we are fundamentally whole, sane and wise however deluded we may feel day-to-day!