Keith Johnstone - Be average

Keith Johnstone taught improvisation. Although I have never acted, I have taught creative subjects for many years and his advice is so needed by so many of us who are trying to be good, better, the best. He suggests that thinking outside the box is trying to be clever, and that our attempt to be clever is a mask, a falsehood and is stressful. Listening to him is such a relief!

Ken Wilber, evolution of consciousness...

"And so, as you read this... try to remember: remember the great event when you breathed out and created this entire Kosmos; remember the great emptying when you threw yourself out as the entire World, just to see what would happen. Remember the forms and forces through which you have travelled thus far: from galaxies to planets, to verdant plants reaching upward for the sun, to animals stalking day and night, restless with their weary search; through primal men and women, yearning for the light, to the very person now [reading this blog]: remember who you actually are in all those guises, the masks of the God and the Goddess, the masks of your own Original face." (Wilber, The Eye of Spirit, p.51)