Some of life's suffering cannot be avoided — life can throw us curve balls that we cannot control, the question is how do we relate to it? All too often we have some kind of negative story about who we are that only serves to compound our suffering: I deserve it, I’m no good, it’s all my fault, or maybe we blame others and never take any responsibility. We are often living in outmoded self stories that were created long ago to protect ourselves from difficult or traumatic circumstances. These stories, whilst they sometimes might seem safe, can become limiting hindrances causing us to suffer. If we can examine our patterns, their hold on us can loosen and we can open to the possibility of growth. Entering into counselling is a commitment to yourself; it requires time, money, bravery and honest self searching. You may realise that you need to make uncomfortable changes or decisions that have been ignored for a long time in order to move from the stuck-ness that you have found yourself in. 

Counselling isn't just about fixing problems, it could also be about exploring meaning and purpose in life, or opening to the idea that there may be something bigger going on in our universe beyond the everyday stuff of modern life and exploring what this might mean for you.

All conversations are confidential and I abide by the BACP code of ethics.

Availability and pricing:

I currently have availability Tuesday 1pm - 6pm and Wednesday 9am - 2pm
First session is at a reduced rate of £25. Subsequent sessions are charged at £55. All sessions are 50 minutes.